The first Environmental conference has begun it is working.    

Under the slogan of (Let's all care about environment) in the presence of president of Kurdistan region government (KRG) Nechirvan Barzani, Samad Mouhammed head of the environmental protection and improvement board, Sargon lazar slewe minister of Iraq Environment, a group of members of parliament, a number of ministers of Kurdistan Regional Government, a number of environmental professors and representatives of environmental organization. The first environmental conference in Erbil has been held, After the UN meeting which took place in Stockholm, capital of Sweden on 5/June 1972 had been announced as a Global Environment day, In this day every year all over the world celebrate this occasion, and this conference began its work in this day, on 5/June 2013 in Erbil city. Samad Mohammed, head of the Environment board stated that : We work in the environmental field in order to become a part of international attempts to protect the environment and the risk of the destruction of nature and environmental pollution. In another part of his speech , head of the environmental protection and improvement board sated that , although the case of the environment is new in Kurdistan but we note the spread of environmental awareness well and as wide as we note an increase in the number of environmental organization and increase their activities in the field of the environment also the opening environmental science sector in a number of universities in the Kurdistan, which is the focus of everyone's attention. In a speech Mr. Nechirvan Barzani Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region on the occasion of World Environment Day and the holding of the first environmental conference in Arbil, said: Protecting the environment in the Kurdistan region is the duty of all parties from the community of civil society organizations and government departments and all individuals within the community, also stated that environmental law which is one of the most important environmental protection laws in the world, under this law prevents the contamination of waters , seas , oceans , plant protection, forests and wild animals is an important part of the paragraphs of the Environmental Protection. the first conference of the environment Held with the participation of 180 members of university professors in the environmental field and representatives of private organizations to protect the environment, and for a period of two days will continue, where will be presented and discussed a range of research in the fields of environmental education, protection of water , land and the nature of the Kurdistan from the risk of environment contamination.