Affect of the human in environment in a seminar has been discussed.    

Today 29/4/2013 with presence of Mayor of Shaqlawa district Mr. Rzgar Hassan and some of the government official from Shaqlawa educational complex, in Shaqlawa environmental education center in the title of (affect of the human in environment) a seminar has been arranged to Mr. Samad Mohamed head of the environmental protection and improvement board, from the beginning of the seminar Mr. Samad talked about genus of the environment and ingredients as well give precise details to the attendance also said any global change happens it has direct and indirect environmental affect to the other countries ,environment affair is unlimited all over the world Kurdistan is participate in it too . On the other hand the head of the board lighted in these affects that human have on environment, also how human is a result to pollute environment, industrial and technology development is the main reason to environment pollution. Likewise according to our Kurdistan environment said it is not acceptable five million of people pollute it and millennium clean up, all of us answerable to keep our environment clean. Finally the seminar has been more spacious with participation of the attendance.