Aksyona Spanish company visits environmental protection and improvement board in the purpose of creating a natural park    

A delegation from Aksyon Spanish Company which includes Mr. Khose Luis company consultant and Khose Carlos project manager visited environmental board. In the meeting Khose Carlos stated that we have knowledge in environmental board and it is activities “ as before we had the relationship we would like to keep on that relation” also mentioned that, “our company mostly lighted on environment and things that concerned with environment scope as water project and making a natural park we like to server in any way” the head of the environmental protection and improvement board appreciated their activities especial in environment scope such as keep water cleaning extra… furthermore he lighted on that we have problem with recycling and Waste water streams from now on we are trying to solve that issue as well, he required them as they have too much experience utilize that experiment to serve Kurdistan region environment also stated that creating one natural park which contains all types of Kurdistan birds in spite of these birds whom live outside of Kurdistan but can live and valid to Kurdistan topography.